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Cookie Policy for Lilyon Shop

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, tablet, or mobile device when you visit a website. These files contain encrypted information about your browsing activity and preferences. When you revisit the website, cookies enable the site to recognize you and retrieve stored information.

Cookies do not store personal or identifiable information. Instead, they assign your device an ID and do not access your device's apps, programs, or similar data under any circumstances.

How does Lilyon Shop use cookies?

At Lilyon Shop, we use cookies for various purposes, including:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies: Essential for website functionality, such as enabling product additions to the cart or ensuring secure logins.

  2. Statistic cookies: Collect data on website usage, such as visited pages and clicked links, to improve site functions. This information is aggregated and anonymized.

  3. Marketing cookies: Track online activity to deliver relevant advertising and manage ad frequency. These cookies may be shared with third-party advertisers.

  4. Functional cookies: Remember past choices, like language preferences or login credentials, for enhanced user experience.

Types of cookies we use:

We utilize two types of cookies at Lilyon Shop:

  1. Persistent cookies: Stored on your device with an expiration date. They are automatically deleted upon expiration but renewed upon revisiting the website.

  2. Session-based cookies: Placed on your device upon website entry and deleted upon exit.

Cookie Information:

Each cookie is described in the Cookie Information box, including type, expiration timeframes, provider, and purpose.

What information do we collect?

When you visit Lilyon Shop and consent to cookies, we collect various data, including:

  • IP address
  • Login information
  • Time zone
  • Operating system
  • Device type
  • Referral source (website/platform)
  • Geographic location
  • Search engine keywords
  • Products viewed
  • Engagement actions (button clicks, downloads, etc.)
  • Session duration and scrolling behavior
  • Client ID for cross-platform identification

Third-party cookies:

We use third-party cookies from providers such as Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Mailchimp, and Shopify for analytics and marketing purposes.

How to manage cookies or withdraw consent:

You can withdraw consent and delete cookies at any time. Click the cookie icon in the bottom left corner to withdraw consent. Follow your browser's specific guidelines to delete cookies.

Website owner and contact information:

This Cookie Policy is owned and governed by:

Lilyon Inc.