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V200 Wired K68 RGB Streamer Mini Gaming Keyboard: Mechanical Feel for Gaming/Office

V200 Wired K68 RGB Streamer Mini Gaming Keyboard: Mechanical Feel for Gaming/Office

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Product Details:

68-key RGB streamer gaming membrane keyboard, easy to carry, can meet work and play at the same time. The rainbow backlit keyboard can adjust the brightness of the lights according to the atmosphere, and enjoy the game time. There are two different colors that can be chosen, black or white.

Multiple RGB lighting modes—— You can press the FN+ phase key to adjust the streaming direction and backlight on/off, provide an immersive light show in dark places, and effectively enhance the competitive atmosphere of the game.
68-key Mini keyboard with ergonomic design and full combination keys support, ideal for gaming and office use. Portable and easy to operate.
19-key Conflict-Free.
Used oil-injected laser engraving, characters are clear and transparent, which make it have a super mechanical feel.
ABS keycaps use injection molding, are wear-resistant, and not easy to fade.
Keyboard with detachable key line and USB to Type-C connector, featuring transparent character backlight for easy typing and character recognition.
Multiple combination keys are available for enhanced gaming and office experience, offering simple and convenient operation.

Product number: V200 RGB Gaming Keyboard
Interface Type: USB
Product solutions: SK9708
Colors: Black/White (Optional)
Number of keys:68 Keys
Button life: 10 million times or more
Operating Voltage: 5.0V+5% DC
Working current: 110mA(MAX)
Support system: Compatible with IBM PC Win98SE/Me/2000/XPMISTA/WIN7/WIN10
Product line length:170CM
Keycap material: ABS injection molding
Multimedia: With multimedia (laser carving)
Product Size:310*101*35mm
Product weight:327g
Package Size: 335*130*45mm
Package weight:470g

Package list:
1*Wired Keyboard
1*User Manual

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