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Damaged Screw Extractor Kit: Gifts for Men and Women

Damaged Screw Extractor Kit: Gifts for Men and Women

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Stuck removing damaged or rusty screws? No more!

With our screw extractor bits, removing stripped, painted over, rusted or rounded screws & bolts has never been easier or more efficient! With this 6 piece set, you will hardly run into a screw or bolt that can’t be extracted. Check below to see how easy it is to solve this problem:

This is how you should be removing a screw or bolt:

1.) Use the drill side to drill into the top a bit to allow the extractor to get a grip. (Burnish) Your drill should be moving the bit clockwise during this process.

2.) Then flip the tool

3.)Use the extractor (Spiral) side to remove the screw-bolt. Your drill should be moving the bit counterclockwise during this process.


Engineered from hardened

steel, these extractor bits

are designed for troublesome

stuck screws & bolts. High

Speed Steel (HSS) is the

contractors preferred



Your set comes in a safe,

durable storage & travel case.


Our incredible extractor

set is the perfect gift for

professional contractors,

carpenters & construction

crews, as well as the casual

handyman or Do-It-Yourselfer

in your life!


Good news! We’ve included

an additional #2 bit. This is

the most frequently used bit

in the box

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